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Custom Designed & Built Homes

Why Not Build Your
Own Perfect Home?

How your home will be built is too important to take for granted. We believe a home is more than a belonging.

Custom Design & Building Services

Choosing the right home is like choosing the right spouse; it’s a decision you could be stuck with for life. That’s why, when you’re spending hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars on a home – you should always consider a fully custom design.
We’ve got an eye for livable design, and the years of experience and know-how to build you a home your friends and family will absolutely love – inside and out.
It’s the small things that matter. A Scarlet Ray custom-designed home can go a long way towards the comfortable and luxurious lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

General Contracting Services

Interior and Exterior, We Do It All.

Do you already have your designs mapped out? Looking to organize trades and move your project forward as efficiently as possible?

From rooftops to basements and everything in between, along with exterior renovations, decks, fencing and more -- Scarlet Ray will help you get your project done on point and on time with our general contracting and project management expertise.

Renovations By Scarlet Ray

Make Your Home “New” Again

Ready to finally execute those plans you’ve had in mind for years – or bring a brand new vision to life? We are here to help you transform your living space.

Best of all, we do it all – so you don’t have to worry about piecing together your own subcontractors and hoping the work they each do separately comes together in the end. Begin with the end in mind – give us a call!

Basement Developing Services

Turning Nothing Into
 Something Amazing

Most basements are drab, dark, dreary, and filled with cobwebs. But yours doesn’t have to be!
With our expertise, we can help you design a basement filled with light and wide, open, inviting and warm living spaces you’ll love just as much as the rest of your home (maybe more).


Solid Built Garages

Whether you need an extra work space or extra parking space for your hot rods (or daily drivers)… We know how to build a garage to fit the bill.

Clients often remark how warm the garages we build are, which is something that just comes naturally from solid construction and great wood.

Small Commercial

Turnkey Commercial Spaces

For years, discerning developers and architects have turned to Scarlet Ray to help bring their visions to life. Leading design, exceeding craftsmanship, and high-quality finishing are all part of the Scarlet Ray hallmark.

We focus on bringing the very best to every project. Our services – from design to construction, interiors and even furnishing – are only a click away.

Office Design And Building Services

Shape The Spaces
That Shape Your Work

Office design still affects productivity – and we know exactly how to build the kind of satisfying surroundings that boost creativity and job satisfaction scores.

The bottom line is this: you can get more done with less when you start with a solid foundation and a great building to grow into. Ready to see the difference?

Retail Design & Construction Services

Buildings Buyers Love

Some buildings “have it” and others don’t. The convenient layout. The appealing design. The perfect walls for display. Curb appeal. And more.

It’s better to find a builder who knows what customers like, than to try and explain it to ones who don’t. That’s why the experience we have at Scarlet Ray can be invaluable to you.

Restaurant Design & Construction Services

Warm, Inviting Restaurants
Designed to Attract

Second to the food, the surroundings and environment of your building have the biggest impact on satisfaction and leave the longest-lasting impression on visitors to your restaurant.

And we’ve all seen places that just don’t look inviting. We’re here to help you make an excellent first impression with outstanding curb appeal and a luxurious interior that will have customers driving out of their way to come back.

What Are People Saying?

Join our happy clients who love their new dream homes…

"Kyle takes great pride in his work and his company, and it shows. He was up front and realistic about what my expectations were vs. what could be done. Budget was respected (give or take 10%) and the quality of contractors that came in to do the work were executed as promised. When an issue arose, Kyle was very quick to communicate said issues to me which I really appreciated."
Isabel |  Canmore, AB
"Kyle has done a number of jobs for us, from small maintenance, mid size reno to a 4500 sqf new build home.  He handles every project with a knowledge and confidence that's only acquired thru years of experience.  I highly recommend him."
Laura |  Kimberley, BC